FDA General Purpose Epoxy > ANE-47204

ANE-47204 is a white toughened two part adhesive. It’s high strength and chemical resistance allow it to stand up to harsh environments. It bonds well to glass, rubber, metals and ceramic substrates. It has a 1 hour work life and 24 hour cure at RT (can be cured faster with heat). It’s viscosity is 45k cps (like the consistency of  ketchup) and it is a shore D75.

Ultra Low Viscosity Ferrite Core Bonding Epoxy >ANE-26148

ANE-26148 is a ultra low viscosity (400cps) epoxy adhesive for bonding high reliability assemblies. This adhesive is ideal for ferrite core bonding and can withstand multiple excursions during solder reflow temperatures of 260³C. It is easy to use and has a long use life of over 3 days. The product is available in one part or two part versions.