Our history

The French manufacturer PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL specializes in resins, adhesives and inks for the electronics industry.

PROTAVIC was born when PROTEX INTERNATIONAL CEO Robert Moor decided to produce in-house end products. To avoid being in competition with his own customers, Robert Moor chose to focus on electronics, a field that didn’t use a lot of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL chemicals. For almost 25 years the group has been perfecting the art of formulation, while PROTAVIC uses products directly developed by PROTEX INTERNATIONAL.

The integration has proven successful. Organic growth and external acquisitions have made PROTAVIC an important part of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL.

PROTAVIC components are now found in multiple products in many industries including aerospace, optics and automotive.

PROTAVIC technical expertise spans three continents, in China, South Korea, the United States and Europe.

PROTAVIC invests in its Auzouer-en-Touraine site

January 2019

To optimize responsiveness, PROTAVIC is investing in its Auzouer-en-Touraine site with a pilot production program for a state-of-the-art packaging line. This will allow PROTAVIC to adapt to the growing demands of its customers, while maximizing product quality.

The Group Acquired URASEAL Corp


The Group acquired URASEAL CORP. in the United States to strengthen its position and technological edge in the electronic chemicals market.

The Group acquired MERECO Inc.


The Group acquired MERECO Inc. in the United States to strengthen its position and technological edge in the electronic chemicals market.

The Group entered into a joint venture with JOIN M


The Group entered into a joint venture with the South Korean firm JOIN M focusing on silver adhesives.

Protavic China in China


With growing demand in China, SUZHOU PROTAVIC TRADING Co. Ltd was established in Shandong, China.



In response to the growing importance of the electronics market in Southeast Asia, PROTAVIC KOREA was established in the industrial city of Daejong, South Korea with an R&D center and production facility.

PROTAVIC AMERICA in the United States


With a desire to expand internationally, PROTAVIC AMERICA was established in Londonderry, New Hampshire in the United States. With a dedicated research lab and production facility, it serves the American market.



PROTEX INTERNATIONAL specialized in chemicals for the electronics industry with the creation of PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL in France, with its focus on the French and European markets.