Protavic Inc. announces the development of RFID-GO®, a new matched system of conductive ink, die attach adhesives, and dielectric ink engineered to eliminate problems with printed electronics assembly. RFID-GO includes the Protavic matched system materials the BCE-37611 conductive ink series, the ANA-17710 adhesive series, and the PNU-90250 dielectric ink series. See full press release.

11/11/2014 > Breakthrough in Flexible and Printable Electrically Conductive Materials

EXP-06335 is a screen-printable silicone designed with less than .003ohms/cm resistance. Recognizing the needs of today’s evolving printed electronics marketplace, Protavic(R) designed and now manufactures this highly conductive, extremely flexible material to be printable via screen, flexo, or slot die. The heat cure, one part material is packaged in any size container and has a stable shelf life of 6 months at room temperature.  See full press release.


The PTO-07254 is a non silicone based thermal grease designed for very high heat applications up to 200°C continuously. The product also offers high thermal transfer of 2.75Wm°K. It is commonly used for heat sink applications that require a non cured product. The PTO-07254 can be encapsulated with urethane or epoxy based materials.

thermal interface materials


The PTS-27242 silicone is a one part, room temperature stable adhesive and gap filling material. It provide excellent thermal transfer properties of nearly 3Wm°K, hardness of Shore A75 and is non abrasive. It cures quickly at 150°C and as low as 100°C for 30min. The silicone is non volatile and non mobile for ultra low outgassing applications.

PTS-27242 silicone adhesive


Super Strong Structual Epoxy Adhesive > ANE-47921

ANE-47921 adhesive

The ANE-47921 is a high strength structural adhesive that can be used in critical applications such as electronics and automotive. This product offers a 30 min use time and fixture strength of 4 hours. It bonds excellent to metals, plastics and other substrates. It is available in 50, 200 and 400ml cartridges as well as bulk containers, If you like the 3M Scotch-Weld DP 460 or DP 460NS, you will like this product. It is available in standard white or natural color.