PTS-56227 is a Recognized two-component thermally conductive, two to one mix ratio by volume; four to one by weight, room temperature cure silicone encapsulant. It is designed for potting, encapsulation by casting of completed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, and power supplies, where flexibility, reparability, and high temperature resistance are required. Possible applications include automotive, telecommunications, transformers, cable end sleeves, capacitors, coils, insulators/bushings, transducers, and (re-enterable) telephone cable splicers.


  • Since PTS-56227 has very good adhesion to most common circuit board materials, it does not require the use of primers, buffers, conformal coatings, or silicone gels that are needed for most applications
  • PTS-56227 provides long-term circuit protection from about -65°C to 150°C
  • PTS-56227 in side by side dual cartridges of 50 ml, 200ml, 400ml, gallon and 5 gallon containers


  • For evaluation purposes: add four parts PTS-56227 Part B and one part PTS-56227 Part A at room temperature. Mix thoroughly. Degas to 0.5 mm Hg or less until all entrained air has been expelled (about 2-3 minutes)
  • PTS-56227 is designed to be applied by convenient two part cartridges or meter mix equipment


The properties listed below were determined from measurements carried out in a limited number of tests. These properties are given as guidance, and do not constitute a guarantee. It will be for the user, in all cases, to carry out their own tests to determine whether PTS-56227 is suitable for the user’s particular application.