PNU-46204PNU-46204 is two-component polyurethane adhesive with high strength and high temperature resistance. PNU-46204 is designed for the encapsulation circuit boards, circuit board components, and for screw-thread sealing. The cured materials provide long-term circuit protection and bond stability from -55°C to 125°C. PNU-46204 bonds well to most metals, ceramics and plastics as well as to epoxy and paper phenolic circuit boards.


  • PNU-46204 polymer backbone provides excellent flexibility at low and high temperatures, UV and moisture resistance
  • PNU-46204 has low shrinkage on curing
  • PNU-46204 has excellent adhesion to most substrates without primers
  • PNU-46204 is unaffected by soldering or cleaning processes
  • The clarity of PNU-46204 allows examination of all encapsulated components and circuit boards


  • PNU-46204 contains no MDI or TDI and all active isocyanate is polymeric in nature. Therefore no extraordinary precautions against water contamination are necessary. Neither PNU-46204 Part A or Part B should be exposed to ambient air for prolonged periods of time. The containers should be covered when not in use. If PNU-46204 Part A and B is used in a continuous mixer, the feed tanks should be vented through a desiccated air vent.
  • Components to be encapsulated by PNU-46204 should be clean, dry, and not contaminated with solder flux, silicone grease, or other uncured materials.
  • For evaluation and small production runs, in a metal or plastic container no more than ½ full, warm 100 g of PNU-46204 Part A to 35°C (95°F) then, add 50.0 g of PNU-46204 Part B. Mix thoroughly using a plastic or metal spatula. Degas the mixture for 10-15 minutes at 0.5 mm Hg or less to remove all entrained air.
  • For high volume applications Protavic recommends that either MixPac or meter-mix machines be used. Contact your Protavic representative for recommendations of suppliers of meter mixing equipment.


The properties set out below were obtained after curing for 2 hours at 100ºC (212°F). They were determined following measurements carried out in the laboratory over a small number of tests. They are values given by way of guidance, and do not constitute a guarantee. It will be for the user, in all cases, to carry out their own tests to determine whether the PNU-46204 resin can be used for the particular application the user has in mind.


Refer to the attached material safety data sheet.


PNU-46204 is available in two-part MixPac or in a two component kit. Part numbers for quotation and ordering purposes are:
Product Name                   Description
PNU-46204-TS-055           55 mL Mixpac
PNU-46204-TS-055           200 mL Mixpac
PNU-46204-TS-055           400 mL MixPac
PNU-46204-002                 Pint Kit
PNU-46204-003                 Quart Kit
PNU-46204-004                 Gallon Kit
PNU-46204-005                 5 Gallon Kit

For larger kits, please contact Protavic America, Inc.