METREGRIP 357 has the unique ability to bond items that have irregular surfaces or gaps where conventional epoxy adhesives fail to maintain contact during the curing cycle. Irregular parts and assemblies bonded with METREGRIP 357 does not have seepage of epoxy through gaps or into unwanted places. METREGRIP 357 combines the high bond strength of epoxy with short setting and curing time to form a highly resilient bond in only 5 minutes.

METREGRIP 357 meets the strict requirements of the Metregrip series. The mixing ratio is a non-critical one-to-one mixture by volume or weight. METREGRIP 357 is frequently packaged in convenient, easy to use 50cc dual syringes. These syringes allow the user to mix and apply METREGRIP 357 at the same time using either a manual or pneumatic hand held dispenser.

1. Measure out equal amounts of METREGRIP 357 BASE and METREGRIP 357 ACTIVATOR into a suitable container for mixing.

2. Mix only as much adhesive as you can conveniently use in less than five minutes.

3. Make sure adhesive is thoroughly mixed. Apply to one surface of parts to be bonded. Porous surfaces may require the adhesive to be applied to both surfaces before bonding.

4.  Mate parts together for 10-20 minutes


Appearance and Physical Form Thixotropic Paste Thixotropic Paste
Color Various Colors Colorless
Specific Gravity, (25°/25°C) 1:2 1:15
Viscosity @ 25°C, (Brookfield Helipath, thixotropic, cps) 700000 700000
Flash Point ºC/ºF 254/489 149/300
Mixed Material
Appearance Thixotropic Paste
Specific Gravity 1:2
Mix Ratio-By Weight 1:1
By Volume 1:1
Working Time-Min.@25ºC 2
Gel Time-Min.@25ºC 5
Fixture Time-Min.@25ºC 10-20
Full Cure Time-Hours @25ºC 12
Cured Material
Hardness Shore “D” 80
Specific Gravity 1:2
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), ºC 38
Expansion Coefficient (CTE), um.mºC 72 (Below Tg), 210 (Above Tg)
Operating Temperature ºC -65 to 145
Operating Temperature ºF -85 to 293
Water Absorption, % 0.6
Dielectric Strength, V/mil. 370
Dielectric Constant, 103 Hz 3.43
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 1.8 x 1012
Dissipation Factor, 103 Hz 0.018
Bond Strengths Tensile Lap Shear @25°C
Aluminum- Aluminum 2,600 psi**
Brass-Brass 1,720 psi
Steel-Steel (Cold Rolled) 2,250 psi
Copper-Copper 1,650 psi
Glass-Glass Glass Fails Before Bond
Rulon – Aluminum 750


Before using any of the materials referred to in this bulletin, consult the applicable Material Safety Data Sheets for appropriate handling procedures and protective equipment.

METREGRIP 357 is available as a two-component kit consisting of separate, equal weight containers of epoxy resin and curing agent. Standard packaging is in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon, and five-gallon containers. The standard color is light blue. Various colors are possible by altering the color of the base.

METREGRIP 357 can also be packaged in dual syringes. The two components are pre-measured, kept separate until needed, and do not need freezing.

Ordering: Specify the name, color, number, quantity, container size and packaging form. The order should be placed with the PROTAVIC Order Entry Department. The minimum order size is $100.00. Evaluation kits are available on request for $40.00. The $40.00 fee will be credited against the first order for the product.

METATERGE 1405 is recommended to replace hazardous solvents for general clean-up. METATERGE 1405, a unique water soluble resin detergent, dissolves uncured resin systems and renders them water compatible. Soiled equipment, tools or bench areas can then be simply cleaned with a wet sponge or shop rag. Refer to Data Bulletin.

METASTRIP 701 is an effective non-corrosive solvent for removing cured epoxy resins to salvage valuable electronic components. Refer to Data Bulletin for details.

*Properties listed are typical and are not intended as specification values. Users are urged to confirm test values in specific application.
**Treated surface

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