METREGRIP 355 is a NEW, low viscosity, high bond strength epoxy adhesive developed for general purpose applications. It is easy to use: Mix one part activator with 2 parts adhesive base – spread on only one surface – put parts together with simple contact – squeeze out excess – and that’s it!

METREGRIP 355 will set overnight, and yet the working life of 1/4 lb. batch is 4 hours. (Approx. 2 hours for a 1 lb. batch). For more rapid setting, 30 minutes at about 150°F will do it.

METREGRIP 355 will bond to almost any surface and produces a resilient and tenacious, water-proof, chemically resistant joint.

Surface Preparation
For maximum adhesion, surfaces should be clean and dry. Refer to Technical Service Bulletin No. 3-626, “Preparation of Surfaces for Bonding”. For release or masking, use META-PART 7582.


Mix thoroughly one part activator with two parts adhesive base until the haziness clears. In 1/4 lb. batches, the mixture has a working life of at least 4 hours. To flexibilize METREGRIP 355, add more activator to the adhesive base. Mixing ratio is non-critical, and therefore, METREGRIP 355 is not sensitive to operational errors.

Apply METREGRIP 355 by any common method, such as brush, roller coater, doctor blade, or drop from dispenser. Glue line thickness is not critical, although higher strengths are obtained with thick glue lines. Place parts together; clamping is not necessary unless the parts will shift and keep overnight until bond sets. (A heat lamp will set bond in 15 minutes.)


Tensile shear strengths, psi. (obtained after curing 5 days at room temperature)

Steel to Steel 2700
Aluminum to Aluminum 2600
Brass to Brass 1900
Copper to Copper 1200
Wood to Steel* 1600

*(failure in wood)


Unmixed Components Appearance

Part A, Activator Part B, Base
Appearance Amber Clear
Physical Form Liquid Syrup
Viscosity (125°C, Brookfield cps) 300 7000


Property Test Method Value
Appearance Visual Transparent Straw Solid
Specific Gravity, 25°C ASTM-D792 1.2
Flexural Strength, ultimate ASTM-D796 50,000
Tensile Elongation (%) D638 6.4
Safe Operating Temperature, °C PROTAVIC -60 to 145
Dielectric Strength (V/mil) ASTM-D149 425
Volume Resistivity (ohm/cm) ASTM-D257 3.1 x 1015
Dielectric Constant, 103 cycles ASTM- D150 3.57
Power Factor, 103 cycles ASTM-D150 0.01
Water Absorption (%) —— 0.21
Heat Distortion Temperature (°F) ASTM-D648 ASTM-D648 153
Impact Resistance, Izod (ft.-lbs./in/notch) ASTM-D256 0.55
Uniaxial Tensile Tests @ 2.0 ipm and 72 ºF ASTM-D638
Modulus (ksi) 416
Poisson’s Ratio 0.35
Strength (psi) 5,180
Elongation % 1.5
Tg ºF DSC 145
Tg ºF DMA 164
CTE (in/in/oF) 45 x 10-6
Wt. Loss (24 hrs. at 300°F) —— 0.64


METATERGE 1405 is recommended to replace hazardous solvents for general clean-up. METATERGE 1405, a unique water soluble resin detergent, dissolves uncured resin systems and renders them water compatible. Soiled equipment, tools or bench areas can then be simply cleaned with a wet sponge or shop rag. Refer to Data Bulletin for details.

METASTRIP 701 is an effective non-corrosive stripping solvent for removing cured epoxy resins to salvage valuable electronic components. Refer to Data Bulletin for details.

METASTRIP 705, a highly active epoxy remover formulated for vigorous stripping of more chemically resistant cured encapsulating compounds, is more active and requires careful handling. Refer to Data Bulletin for details.

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