PROTAVIC Metasil 5061 is a two-component, solventless, addition curing silicone RTV handlmaterial specifically designed as a masking compound for removal from surfaces after curing. Metasil 5061 is a thixotropic, medium durometer material with high temperature and chemical resistance, excellent flexibility and low shrinkage.

> Little increase in modulus at low temperature
> High chemical and temperature resistance
> Heat or room temperature cure capability
> Excellent flexibility, elastomeric properties
> Medium durometer, good dampening
> Low shrinkage, low stress on components
> Good tear strength
> No exotherm
> No inductance change during temp. cycling


Metasil 5061 Resin Metasil 5061 Activator
Viscosity, cps Thixotropic Paste Thixotropic Paste
Sp. Gravity 1.4 1.4
Color Gray Gray Gray Gray
Form Thin Paste Thin Paste
Mix Ratio wt/vol, 1:1
Mixed Viscosity, cps Thixotropic paste
Working time, 100 gms. 2 ½ hours
85% Cure time 24 hours
Cure Time @ 25ºC 2 days
Cure Time @ 65ºC 2 hrs.
Cure Time @ 100ºC 30 min.
Cure Time @ 150ºC 15 min.
Durometer, Shore A 35 +/- 5
Tensile, psi 725
Elongation % 325
Tear B, ppi 50
Linear Shrinkage, % 0.10%
Temp. Range -55ºC to +200ºC
Dielectric strength, volts/mil 450
Dielectric Constant 1 KHz 3
Dissipation Factor 1 Khz 0.004
Volume resistivity, ohm-cm 7 X 1014
Thermal conductivity (Btu . in .hr -1 . ft-2 . deg F-1) 2.5


Handling Instructions: Weigh 100 parts of activator to 100 parts resin. Mix for a period of time until mixing is complete. Degas for 5 minutes under a vacuum of 25-29 inches of Mercury. Apply material. Cure according to the cure schedule desired. If dual cartridges are used, the material may be directly applied using a static mixer.

Note: Certain substances may inhibit the cure of Metasil 5061 by direct or indirect contact. Metallic salts, butyl, PVC plasticizers, chlorinated rubber, amines and sulfur containing materials may all inhibit the cure.

Storage and Handling: PROTAVIC Metasil 5061 has a shelf-life of six months from date of shipment when stored in original unopened containers at a temperature below 25ºC.

METASIL 5061 is available in pint, quart, 2 quart, and 2 gallon kits as well as 50ml, 200ml, and 400 ml dual cartridges.

Refer to PROTAVIC TAB 3-641 for proper operation of 50cc dual cartridges using a manual dispenser. Pneumatic dispensers are also available. For 200 ml and 400ml dual cartridges pneumatic dispensers are recommended if small quantities of material are to be applied. Contact Mereco if further information is required.

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