METADUCT 1269 Photovoltaic Conductive Electrode Ink


METADUCTTM 1269 is a one component silver filled ink representing a new generationof conductive electrode inks specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for electrodes used in Organic Photovoltaic, Dye Cell Solar, and Amorphous Silicon photovoltaic modules. This high performance ink is also suitable for the printing of OLED, Smart Window, and other highly conductive electrodes. METADUCTTM 1269 can be used with small and largearea screen printers, using semi-automatic, automatic, or reel-to-reel printing equipment.

This novel conductive ink, targeting PV applications including BAPV & BIPV, offers the combination of excellent adhesion to a number of substrates, including PET & Glass, low resistance, and excellent thermal & humidity resistance leading to higher Jsc and PCE of solar cells. METADUCTTM 1269 develops optimum properties when dried for 3-5 minutes at 130C or1-2 minutes at 140C.


Viscosity (25°C), cP 5000-10000 cps (Brookfield DV-II Viscometer) ( Cp-51 spindle/10rpm)
Cure/Dry 130oC/5 min 140oC/2 min (12 micron thickness)
Specific Gravity 2.85
Screen Life >2 hours
Tg 65oC


● Excellent Printability
● High conductivity
● Long screen life
● Excellent adhesion

● Flat Bed and Reel-to-Reel printing equipment
● Substrates: PET, PEN, coated paper, Glass
● Screen Type: Polyester, Stainless steel, Electroform Ni (Rotary)
● Dries to pinhole-free, uniform film using convection or IR ovens
● Printed thickness of 8 microns using 280 mesh polyester screen
● Cleaning solvents include Butyl Acetate & Methyl Propyl Acetate

● Electrode ink for PV applications (OPV, DSC, Amorphous Si)
● OLED electrode ink
● Printed electronic circuitry on rigid or flexible substrates
● Printed RFID antennas on plastic or coated paper

● Frozen Syringes
● Plastic Poly Jars
● Pints, Quarts, 1 & 5 Gallon containers

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