PROTAVIC Metaduct 1216-2 is a new, electrically conductive silver-filled epoxy adhesive that has been developed specifically for connector and interconnect bonding applications where an electrically conductive adhesive system with good bond strength to a variety of substrates is required. Metaduct 1216-2 Series has also been used extensively in electrical termination bonding, and bonding electronic components to circuit boards and leadframes.

This product is also available in a lower viscosity version (Metaduct 1216-2LV) with a slight decrease in electrical conductivity (0.005 ohm-cm).

No Mixing, Easy Cure Schedule
Metaduct 1216-2 can be cured in 2 hours at 125° C. To attain maximum properties, a post cure of 1 hour at 150° C is recommended.

Cure Schedule

Hours ° C
2 125
1 (Post) 150

The outstanding properties of Metaduct 1216-2 are high adhesion, no mixing, long working life, and high electrical conductivity.

PROTAVIC 1216-2 has proven to be an excellent choice in connector and interconnect applications where high electrical conductivity and low solder joint stress are needed. It can also be used for conductive splicing of ribbon cables, PTF circuits, and electrical attachment of surface mounted devices.

Typical Properties of Uncured Metaduct 1216-2

Color Silver
Form Thin Paste
Specific Gravity 2.9
Flash Point, ° C 200

Typical Properties of Cured Metaduct 1216-2
Should not be used for specification purposes

Shore Durometer, D 80 +/-10
Tensile Lap Shear (Al-Al), psi 1500-2000
Operating Range °C    Continuous -55 to 150
                                     Intermittent To 220
Expansion Coefficient, 106X °C-1 (est.) 25-35
Electrical conductivity, ohm . cm 0.00018

Air Removal
Air entrapment may be removed in vacuum (5mm of mercury). The holding container should be no more than one-third full. Allow the mixture to foam and then subside. Maintain the low pressure for several more minutes, until most of the large bubbles have broken.

The adhesive should be applied in a 2-5 mil thickness to one surface after which the parts are mated and set aside to cure using the recommended cure schedules.

Safety, Storage, and Handling
Before using Metaduct 1216-2, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for appropriate handling procedures and protective equipment.

Availability and Order Information

PROTAVIC Metaduct 1216-2 is available in 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. cans. On special order, the product can also be made available in other sizes.

When ordering, specify the name, number, letter designation, color, quantity, container size and packaging form. The order should be placed with the PROTAVIC order entry department. The minimum order size is $100.00. Evaluation kits are available for $50.00.

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