METADUCT 1201 Electrically Conductive Adhesive Solder


METADUCT 1201 is a 100% solids, solvent free, highly conductive adhesive. It is a true plastic solder which can be cured at room temperature or in a few minutes at elevated temperatures – but much lower than any soldering temperatures. Not only does it form tenacious conductive adhesive bonds, but also makes room temperature soldering possible.

METADUCT 1201 is a true conductor. Its specific resistivity is less than 0.1 ohm-cm. It is supplied in a paste form so that it will not flow when applied. It adheres tenaciously to glass, aluminum, steel, tin, lead, copper, ceramic, most plastics and to many other surfaces.

1.Weigh out desired amount of METADUCT 1201 BASE.
2.Weigh out 3 parts METADUCT 1201 ACTIVATOR for each 100 parts METADUCT 1201 BASE. Mix thoroughly. This is important.
3.Apply to the surface. A spatula or wooden tongue depressor is convenient. Thickness of glue line is not critical.

Cure time:
Overnight at room temperature (bond will improve over next 2 days), or any one of the following alternate schedules:

“207”>100°C 1-1/4 hours
130°C 30 minutes
120°C 45 minutes
150°C 15 minutes

For very high bond shear strength, certain surface preparations are often advisable. Consult our Technical Sales Laboratory.

A. Catalyzed Paste

Pot Life, Minutes 90 to 120
Appearance Silvery paste
Viscosity Thixotropic

B. Cured Conductive Adhesive

Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm less than 0.1
Operating Temperature, °F -70° to 350
Shear Strength, psi, @ 75°

Aluminum/Aluminum 2500
Ceramic/Glass 2700
Flexural Strength, psi 11400

METASTRIP 701 is a very effective non-corrosive stripping solvent for removal of cured epoxy resin compounds, so that valuable electronic components can be salvaged.

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