Our formulated encapsulation resins are designed for demanding applications where performance and reliability are critical. Protavic products are characterized by excellent flowability, workability, Rohs compatibility, high RTI ratings (all Protavic UL Recognized Silicone products have an RTI of 150°C), low outgassing, non mobile silicones, thermal conductivity, UL recognition and flexible operating range from -40 to 250C +. Whether you require room temperature cure or heat cure our products come ready to meet your demands. Protavic encapsulants are commonly used for power supply assembly, casting of magnetics, motor controllers, transducers, lighting assemblies, electrical protection, semiconductor packaging, IC assembly such as glob top and dam and fill applications, water clear LED encapsulation, UV light cure and high thermal potting . If you are looking for filled, unfilledlow or high modulus products, we have an epoxy, urethane or silicone formulation that will meet your encapsualtion needs.