The PROTAVIC® BNE 20220 is a die attach adhesive, electrically insulating, crystalline silica loaded, B-stageable epoxy adhesive.

Main features :

  •  Designed for screen printing application (wafer backside coating).
  • Very good latency of paste at room temperature.
  • Very good latency of B-staged products.
  • Fast final curing.


Before use, PROTAVIC® BNE 20220 has to be homogenized by stirring slowly with a spatula in its original container, or by rolling the container for 2 hours at a slow speed (50 to 150 rpm).

Step 1 : Application

  • Screen printing application

Step 2 : B staging

  • B staging
  • 90°C 0.5h
  • B stating temperature should be in the range 70°C – 110°C
  • Solvent removal : use ventilated equipment

Step 3 : die bounding

  • Die attach
  • Temperature : from 100°C to 110°C
  • Time : from 1s to 10s
  • Applied strength : 100N/cm²
  • Typical B staged die shear stress 150 N/cm²

Step 4 : curing

  • Curing : 180°C 30 min
  • B staged life : 6 months at room temperature


In its hermetically sealed container, protected at temperature below 0°C.
Its is necessary to store the product in its original sealed container in order to avoid the loss of solvent by evaporation.


Refer to the attached material safety data sheet


The PROTAVIC® BNE 20220 is supplied in 550 g plastic pots.