Pure silver-based electroconductive varnish in solvent, cured by heating, for applying a conductive coating by dipping, especially on tantalum capacitors. Characteristic features are its thermostable base and slow rate of settling.


The PROTAVIC® BCE-60462 has been specially designed to only leave a limited drop under the sheet of tantalum after dipping on an automatic machine.


A – Application process

Before being used in any way, the PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 must be made absolutely homogeneous by stirring in its original container (using a spatula for small amounts) or by rolling the bottle slowly for between 4 and 12 hours at a speed of 5 to 15 rpm.

The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 does not require an undercoat. It adheres simply as a result of the evaporation of the solvent which it contains. The surface to which it is applied must be dry and free from any traces of oil, grease or dust.

The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 can be used as supplied, after having homogenized it as previously described.  Given its original viscosity, the application processes are as follows:

  • dipping
  • stenciling

However, a diluent (exclusively the DILUENT PROTAVIC® 434) may be added until the desired viscosity is achieved, for special applications, in particular spraying.  The DILUENT PROTAVIC® 434 may also be used for removing any PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 which has been incorrectly applied before it undergoes drying and curing and for cleaning the equipment used for applying it.

B – Drying

The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 must be dried in open air or in a ventilated oven (set to a temperature of about 65°C) ; it is also possible to remove its solvent system (in the space of somewhere between a few minutes and quarter of an hour depending on the thickness deposited) by infrared drying.  With thin layers this is not necessary.

C – Curing conditions

After the evaporation of its solvent phase, the PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 can be cured at 125°C in 14-15 min.  Very good results in terms of adhesion and conductivity are achieved by curing for 30-60 min. at 150°C.  When the curing temperature is not an obstacle for the component or the manufacturing process, curing for 30 min. at 175°C enables the user to
achieve optimum adhesion, conductivity and protection against harmful environmental factors.  Temperatures of around 205°C or over produce very good results with curing times of less than 5 min.


The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462’s good properties and ease of use mean that it finds its preferred use in the field of electronics, both for professional users and the general public, when seeking to achieve electro-conductive, thermostable coatings and carry out sticking operations, especially for:

  • resistors, capacitors, etc.
  • fixing conductive wires on quartz crystal
  • producing electroconductive tracks
  • producing electroconductive coatings, etc.


The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 must be stored at a temperature 20°C ± 5°C in order to keep its initial properties.  It also needs to be kept in its hermetically sealed container in order to prevent losses of solvent through evaporation.  If necessary, any losses due to evaporation can be made good by adding diluent (exclusively the DILUENT PROTAVIC® 434).


Refer to the enclosed safety data sheet.


The PROTAVIC® BCE 60462 is supplied in various size flasks.