BCE-30370 (Formerly C 370)


PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 is a hot curing pure silver-based single-component  electroconductive varnish in solvent media, for gluing and coating of high temperature electronic components.


PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 possesses excellent protection properties against the   environment, once it has been cross-linked due to its modified epoxy base.  After evaporation of its solvent phase, it possesses a quick curing speed for a single-component product, especially in thin layer coating, giving a flexible, hard film, which possesses:

  • Appearance
  • Odor
  • Color


A. Application process

Before each utilization, PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 has to be made completely  homogeneous by stirring in its original container (with a spatula for small
quantities or by rolling the container for some hours at a slow speed, 50 to 150 rpm).

PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 does not need a primary coat. It adheres by simple evaporation of the solvent system it contains. The surface to which it is applied has to be dry, free from oil, grease and dust.  PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 is applied as delivered, after having being homogenized as indicated above.  Given its original viscosity, the preferred application
processes for PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 are:

  • dipping of the extremities or the ends of the components
  • brushing
  • silk-screening
  • stencil
  • screen printing

To obtain the desired viscosity for any particular application PROTAVIC® 434 thinner can be added exclusively: namely pulverization.

The PROTAVIC® 434 thinner can equally be used for removing erroneous deposits of PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 before drying and polymerization, as well as for cleaning the application equipment.

B. Drying

PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 has to be dried in a ventilated drying room (regulated at approximately 65°C) for the elimination of the solvent system (a few minutes to a quarter of an hour depending on the thickness deposited). An infra-red drying is also possible.
For a thin layer drying is not necessary.

C. Polymerization conditions

PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 after evaporation of its solvent phase should be polymerized at 150°C minimum.  Very good adhesive and conductivity properties are obtained after a polymerization of one hour at 150°C.  When the polymerization temperature is not an
obstacle for the component or the fabrication process, a polymerization of 30 minutes at 180°C gives optimal adhesion, conductivity and protection against the environment.


Thanks to its good properties and its ease of use, PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 is best used in consumer and professional electronics market products requiring electrically conductive glues and coating, namely for:

  • the manufacture and mounting of discreet components : resistors, tantalum capacitors etc.
  • the attach of conductor wires on quartz crystal
  • production of electroconductive tracks
  • production of electroconductive coatings
  • etc.


(See table on page 1 of provided PDF)

Storage at a temperature of less than 10°C is necessary for conserving all the original properties of PROTAVIC® BCE 30370.  Also, it is necessary to keep it in its original sealed
container, in order to avoid the loss of solvent by evaporation.  In case of necessity it is always possible to compensate for that lost by evaporation by adding PROTAVIC® 434 thinner exclusively.


Refer to the enclosed safety data sheet.


The PROTAVIC® BCE 30370 is supplied in 25 g and 100 g pots, in 1 000 g metal boxes or in 850 g cartridges.