ATE-46439 is a thermally conductive, room temperature curing adhesive for Bonded Heat Sinks and other applications where a high degree of thermal conductivity is required.


  • Check ATE-46439 Part A for filler settling. If filler settling has occurred, warm to 100°F and mix with spatula or other suitable device such as paint blade or shaker.
  • To prepare small quantities of ATE-46439 (100 g or less) add Part B to Part A at about 38°C (100°F), mix thoroughly then vacuum degas at 0.5mm Hg or let stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before using.
  • For larger amounts of ATE-46439, spread the mixed material onto a horizontal plate or surface, no thicker the 1/4 inch, and let stand until most air has escaped, or degas the mixed material at 0.5 mm Hg in a container 3-4 times larger than the volume mixed.
  • Since the cure reaction is exothermic, never mix more than 2,000 g of ATE-46439 at one time. Once a large batch is mixed the ATE-46439 must be used within 30 minutes after mixing; otherwise, a dangerous exotherm may develop!! Any questions about this, please contact Protavic America, Inc.