The solvent free single component adhesive PROTAVIC® ANE-20904 is an underfill for flip chips up to 5×5 mm on flexible substrates (thin FR4 or BT substrates).  The rheology of the paste allows a good wetting of gaps over 25 µm without bleeding.  The adhesive has been designed for application by dispenser with a long pot life of 8 hours at 20°C.  The curing below 120°C within 10-20 minutes avoid stresses on thin substrates.  The ionic purity is very good to avoid any corrosion problem with the chips.


The viscosity of the PROTAVIC® ANE-20904 makes the product well adapted to dispensing with a needle over 0.4 mm internal diameter.  In all applications, its high latency at room temperature (more than 8 hours) and the absence of solvent ensure that the product remains at a reasonable constant viscosity and facilitates machine adjustments.
Its high ionic purity also avoid problems of corrosion.  It also contributes to the reliability of components during their life.


Keep the packaging out of the refrigerator at least 1-4 hours before dispensing to get a  stable viscosity.  The use of PROTAVIC® ANE-20904 is simplified by the stable viscosity at 20 ± 5°C which prevents the need for adjustments, over a 8 hours period.  The substrates or components must be free of dust and from oily residues to achieve an optimal adhesion.  Avoid contact with chlorinated solvents which could induce pollution and corrosion.  Apply the compound with a micro-dispenser (internal needle diameter over 0.4 mm). Preheating of the needle up to 40°C and the substrate up to 80°C will make the under filling more easy.

Typical curing schedule is 20-30 minutes at 120°C or 2-3 hours at 80°C. Such conditions allow the compound to present optimized thermal and physico-chemical properties. A post curing of 30 minutes at 120°C could be necessary to satisfy tight specifications.  After an appropriate curing, the thermal stability of the under-fill reaches 155°C with possibility to
withstand 350°C for a few seconds.


The properties given below and summarized in the following tables were obtained after polymerization for 20 minutes at 120°C in a ventilated oven.  These values given are typical and do not correspond to a guarantee. The user must, in all cases, by his
own studies, determine the optimal polymerization conditions for his own particular application of the PROTAVIC® ANE-20904.


Store PROTAVIC® ANE-20904 in its hermetically sealed container, protected from moisture and at a maximum storage temperature of -40°C.  Under these conditions, the maximum period of storage is about 1 year.  At -20°C the shelf life is 3 months.


Refer to the attached safety data sheets.


The PROTAVIC® ANE-20904 is supplied in 10 g syringes.