Skip cure non conductive epoxy adhesive used for the bonding of microchips on RFID antennas. The rheology of PROTAVIC® ANE-10700 has been developed for application by micro-dispenser using automatic machines.  It presents a one day pot life at 20-25°C, a high reactivity at medium temperature and a high purity.  It exhibits an excellent thermal stability and a low humidity uptake.


The PROTAVIC® ANE-10700 adhesive exhibits excellent adhesive properties.  Its good latency enables it to be kept at 20 ± 2°C for several days, so the viscosity remains virtually
unchanged throughout the working day.  It possesses excellent properties in terms of adhesion and protection against harmful environmental factors, due to its high purity epoxy base.  It is 100% cross-linkable by heat at temperature of between 125 and 200°C.

Its particular rheology is fully adapted for the sticking of large pieces, without spraying phenomenon.  It exhibits an excellent thermal stability up to 300°C and a low humidity uptake, which allow the product to maintain its bonding properties in a large scale of temperature/humidity conditions.  Its fineness makes the use of very small internal diameter needles possible.


  1. Take the container out of the freezer not more than 20 to 30 minutes before use in order to prevent any re-absorption of moisture.
  2. Work on clean surfaces or clean all surfaces in order to remove any dirt or grease. Do not deposit the adhesive on a substrate which has just been cleaned with chlorinated solvents.
  3. Apply the adhesive with a micro-dispenser. The product is perfectly compatible with small internal diameter needles.
  4. Cure using one of the curing cycles which are compatible with the components, the substrate and the manufacturing conditions.


The PROTAVIC® ANE-10700 adhesive excellent properties make it especially suitable for use in the microelectronics fields.