Fast flow, fast cure capillary re-workable underfill. The rheology of the PROTAVIC® ANA 10199 R in combination with its fineness make the product perfectly adapted to high reliability small gap underfill applications.  It presents a good pot life at room temperature 20-22°C and a high reactivity at moderate temperature.


The PROTAVIC® ANA 10199 R adhesive combines excellent adhesive and thermal properties.  It possesses excellent properties in terms of adhesion and protection against harmful environmental factors, due to its high purity base.  It is 100% cross-linkable by heat at temperature of between 80 and 150°C.  It may be removed by thermal treatment at temperature between 280 – 300°C.


  1. Take the container out of the freezer not more than 30-45 minutes before use in order to prevent any re-absorption of moisture.
  2. Work on clean surfaces or clean all surfaces in order to remove any dirt or grease. Do not deposit the adhesive on a substrate which has just been cleaned with chlorinated solvents.
  3. Preheat flip chip assembly to between 90 and 120°C (higher temperatures are possible in the case of small components, as the under-fill time is reduced).
  4. Apply the adhesive by dispensing, using a syringe (very small diameter needles may be used) on one or two sides of the chip perimeter.
  5. Cure using one of the curing cycles which is compatible with the components, the substrate and the manufacturing conditions.


The PROTAVIC® ANA 10199 R adhesive excellent properties make it especially suitable for use in the microelectronics fields.