ACH-30200 Silver-Filled Epoxy Resin


High silver-filled content mono-component hybrid resin for die attach. PROTAVIC® ACH 30200 is useful when a high level of thermal and electrical conductivity combined with a good properties of moisture resistance is required.


The PROTAVIC® ACH 30200 epoxy adhesive combines an excellent adhesive properties.
Its good latency enables it to be kept at 20 ± 2°C for 1 week with a little increase of viscosity, so the viscosity remains virtually unchanged throughout the working day. The long pot life ensures that the product remains at a reasonably constant viscosity and facilitate application.  Its rheology makes the product useful for an application by dispensing.

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  1. Take the package out of the freezer at not more than 1 hour before use in order to prevent any re-absorption of moisture.
  2. Work on clean surfaces or clean all surfaces in order to remove any dirt or grease. Do not deposit the adhesive on a substrate which has just been cleaned with chlorinated solvents.
  3. Apply the adhesive (by dispensing)
  4. Cure using one of the curing cycles compatible with the components, the substrate and the manufacturing conditions.


Appearance viscous liquid
Odor faint
Color silver
Guaranteed specification Standard Method
Cone and plate viscosity (5 rpm – 25°C) 10000 ± 1500 mPa.s NFT 51211
Other information
Pot life* at 20 ± 2°C 1 week
Viscosity increase at 20°C after 24 hr less than 1%
Density 5 approx.
Thixotropy index about 4.5
Possible curing cycles 15 minutes at 150°C Plus
15 minutes at 200°C (min 175C)
Storage stability – 6 months at -20°C


filler-5x619FIELDS OF USE

The PROTAVIC® ACH 30200 adhesive excellent properties make it especially suitable for use in structural sticking, were a good moisture resistance and high level of thermal and electrical conductivity are required.


Shear strength (2×2 mm² die on Ag/Cu L/F) After polymerization at
150°C for 15 minutes and
15 minutes at 200°C
kg/cm² 350
SHORE D hardness NFT 51109 86
Glass transition temperature TMA °C 55 – 60°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion TMA ppm/°C 20
Typical electrical conductivity ECA 1 mΩ.cm 0.01
Typical thermal conductivity Hot Disk standard W/m.°K 29.0



Refer to the attached material safety data sheet.


The PROTAVIC® ACH 30200 adhesive is supplied in 50 g syringes.