ACH-20120 Adhesive for LED Die and BGA IC


The electrically conductive PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 adhesive is designed for BGA
IC packages and LED dies PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 presents excellent properties of
flexibility, good adhesion and moisture resistance, no voids which allow package 10
withstand 260°C Pb-free re-flow temperature. More over PROTAVIC® ACH 20120
reaches high electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity for heat removing
Its specific reactivity combines both Latency al room temperature and fast curing


PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 adhesive features excellent hot/wet adhesive properties.
Its good latency enables it to be kept at 20±2°C for 1 day with a little increase of
viscosity, so the viscosity remains virtually unchanged throughout the working day..
The long pot life and the absence of solvent ensure that the product remains at a
reasonably constant viscosity and facilitate application.

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PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 may be oven cured at moderate temperature (175°C) and also snap cured when heated at 22O-230°C.


Appearance Viscous liquid
Odor Slight
Color Sliver
Guaranteed specifications Standards Method
Cone and plate viscosity (5 rpm – 25°C) 9 000 ± 1500 mPa.s NFT 51211
Other information
Pot life* at 20 ± 2°C > days
Volume resistivity 0.03 mΩ.cm
Density 4.5 approx.
Thixotropy index 4.0
Possible curing cycles 30 minutes at 175°C
2 minutes at 230°C
Storage stability 1 year at T<-20°C

* Defined as 100% viscosity increase


  1. Take the package out of the freezer not more than 1 hour before use in order to prevent any re-absorption of moisture.
  2. Work on clean surfaces or clean all surfaces in order to remove any dirt or grease. Do not deposit the adhesive on a substrate which has just been cleaned with chlorinated solvents.
  3. Apply the adhesive (by dispensing)
  4. Cure using one of the curing cycles compatible with the components, the substrate and the manufacturing conditions.


The excellent properties of PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 adhesive make it especially suitable for use in structural sticking where softness, void-free bond-line, moisture resistance and thermal resistance are required.


Properties Methods Results
Weight loss by TGA At 200 °C
At 300°C
TGA 1 0.4%
Tg by TMA TMA 1 10°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion
98 ppm/°C
126 ppm/°C
SHORE D hardness NFT 51109 85D
Volume resistivity ECA 1 0.03 mΩ.cm
Moisture absorption (168 hours @ 85°C/85% Hr) R 0802 0.15%
Young’s modulus Dynamic mechanical
thermal analysis
1.64 GPa at 25°C
200 MPa at 100°C
75 Mpa at 250°C
Die shear strength at 25°C
oven cure (30 minutes at 175°C)
7.2 kg/die 2×2 mm² (80x80mil²) Si die
on Ag plated Cu frame
Die shear strength at 250°C 6.1 kg/die
7.5 kg/die
3.5×3.5 mm² (140x140mil²) Si die
on Ag plated Cu frame
6.35×6.35 mm² (250x250mil²) Si die
on Ag plated Cu frame
Die shear strength at 250°C
after 85°C moisture saturation
exposure for 1 day.
5.5 kg/die
7.0 kg/die
3.5×3.5 mm² (140x140mil²) Si die, Ag plated Cu frame
6.35×6.35 mm² (250x250mil²) Si on Ag plated Cu frame



Refer to the attached material safety data sheet.


PROTAVIC® ACH 20120 adhesive is supplied in 40 g and 125 g syringes.