ACE-30510 SMD Adhesive with Thermal, Electrical Conductivity

Syringe packaging for ACE30510 SMD adhesiveFEATURES

  • A silver filled, fast curing, solvent-free, single component electroconductive adhesive with a high silver content for LED and die attach applications.
  • It has a pot life of 2 days and its rheology is well suited to application by microdispenser.
  • It exhibits an excellent thermal stability and a low humidity uptake : it is perfectly adapted for the lead-free solder reflow.
  • Its reactivity enables it to be cured at 150°C in less than 2 hours.
  • Its outstanding features are : high ionic purity, high thermal conductivity and good adhesion on current surfaces.


PROTAVIC® ACE 30510 adhesive combines the excellent adhesive properties of epoxy resins with the good electrical and thermal conductivity of high level pure silver.  Its high silver content makes PROTAVIC® ACE 30510 perfectly adapted in the case where a high thermal conductivity is requested like die heat removal.  Its good latency enables it to be kept at 20 ± 2°C for 2 days,kept at 20 ± 2°C ————————————————————————————————————————————
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for 2 days, so the viscosity remains virtually unchanged throughout the working day.  It possesses excellent properties in terms of adhesion and protection against harmful environmental factors, due to its epoxy base.  It is 100% cross-linkable by heat at temperature of between 150 and 200°C.  Its high thermal stability enables solder-free re-flow without lack of conductivity or adhesion.  Its fast-curing at 200°C without the formation of bubbles and its low expansion lead to fast attachments with a good reliability of the parts glued together.


 Appearance  Paste
 Odor  Faint
 Color  Silver
 Guaranteed Specifications  Standards  Method
 Cone and plate viscosity (5 rpm – 25°C)  20 000 ± 10 000 mPa.s  NFT 51211
 Resistivity (mΩ.cm)  < 0.5  ECA 1
 Other information
 Silver ratio  About 87%
 Pot life* at 20 + 2°C  2 days
 Density  About 5
 Thixotropic index (0.5 rpm / 5 rpm)  About 1.5
 Possible curing cycles  60 to 120 minutes at 150°C
5 to 10 min at 180°C
about 60 seconds at 200°C
  Storage stability  3 months at T < -20°C
6 months at T < -40°C
  Viscosity increase after 24 hours at 20±2°C  less than 25 %


filler-5x619METHOD OF USE:

1) Take the container out of the freezer not more than 20 to 30 minutes before use in order to prevent any re-absorption of moisture.
2) Work on clean surfaces or clean all surfaces in order to remove any dirt or grease. Do not deposit the adhesive on a substrate which has just been cleaned with chlorinated solvents)
3.) Apply the adhesive with:

  • a micro-dispenser. Use needles with an internal diameter of between 0.3 and 1.0 mm.
  • a screen printing machine. Use polyester or stainless steel screen with a 80 to 325 mesh size (strands per inch)

4) Cure using one of the curing cycles which is compatible with the components, the substrate and the manufacturing conditions.  It is possible to cure in a tunnel furnace in 60 seconds with a 200°C flow temperature.


Color bright silver
Density at 20°C NFT 51201
ISO 1675
Ionic chlorine content S 86005 ppm < 5
Electrical resistivity ECA 1 mΩ.cm typically 0.1
Thermal conductivity R 0505 W/m°K 7.0
Coefficient of thermal expansion
– from -40°C to +60°C
– from 100 to 250°C
TMA 1 .
50 – 60
160 – 170
Glass transition temperature TMA 1 °C 80 – 85
Decomposition temperature in air TGA 1 °C 440 – 450
Loss of weight between 25°C and:
– 100°C
– 200°C
– 300°C
TGA 1 .
< to 0.1
≈ 0.45
≈ 0.80

filler-5x619PRECAUTION IN USE 

Refer to the attached material safety data sheet


PROTAVIC ACE 30510 adhesive is supplied in 50 g. syringes