RFID-Go: A New Matched Set of RFID Materials

RFID-GOTM, a new matched system of conductive ink, die attach adhesives, and dielectric ink engineered to eliminate problems with printed electronics assembly. RFID-GOTM includes the Protavic matched system materials the BCE-37611 conductive ink series, the ANA-17710 adhesive series, and the PNU-90250 dielectric ink series.
Too often manufacturers of RFID antenna sets and printed circuits discover incompatibility issues with conductive inks, conductive and non-conductive adhesives, and dielectric ink that fail when they interact. Why? Because too often PE and RFID makers are sourcing their inks, adhesives, and dielectric inks from multiple manufacturers using separate base formulas and performance criteria. Developed as a system, Protavic materials can provide lower or higher resistance values, homogenous speed of cure, and one-pass printing for dielectric strength all while performing flawlessly when interfacing. With RFID-GOTM, assemblers no longer have to worry about corrosion, poor bonding, incompatibility, or cure profiles that are at odds with each other.

To learn more, plan to stop at Protavic America’s booth #D26 at the Printed Electronics Show, November 19-20, 2014.