About Protavic America, Inc.

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Protavic America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protex International, a French company based in Paris that is 100% private and financially independent, and intends to stay that way.

Protex International is a medium-sized independent company with a turnover of more than $150 million US. Established in 1932, its business is to develop, produce and market chemical and biochemical specialties for manufacturers in the chemical and other industries through a large number of subsidiaries. The Protavic Group formulates structural adhesives, conductive adhesives, silver filled adhesives, encapsulation resins, potting resins and light curable resins also know as UV cure coating and sealants.

Protex International freely reinvests its profits into the company in order to prepare its medium- and long-term strategies without having to depend on shareholders anxious for immediate profitability. Thus, customers who are looking for a stable source of supply year after year can rest assured that Protavic alone decides its policies and strategy.

A Policy of Dynamic Research

Protex International / Protavic invests 12% of its turnover into research and development, including its own research centers (which focus on synthesis, applications, processes and analysis) spread over three countries (France, the U.S. and South Korea) and in collaboration with numerous external research centers, universities, laboratories, and industrial companies in the context of bilateral or transnational contracts.

Research investments are split between studies to meet the specific requirements of customers conducted in Protavic’s own research centers, which ensures quick and focused answers, medium-term and long-term research projects, and constant improvement in the production costs, quality and safety of existing products and processes.

For additional information on Protex International, please visit the web site at http://www.protex-international.com/.